January 2016 Dividend Income

January 2016 is over and while the market created some opportunities to buy quality companies at lower prices.
I took advantage and was able to add to my position in Toronto Dominion bank. I purchased 29 shares of TD at $35.58 which allowed me to lower my cost basis.

I also used my automatic sharebuilder purchases to increase my position in Union Pacific (UNP) by $275 and finally added 3m (MMM) to my portfolio another $275.

I realize these are small buys but i plan to average into these names overtime as cash available allows.
Eventually UNP and MMM will be a full position in the portfolio.

So now lets get to the dividend income, for the month of january i received the following;

Altria (MO) $4.01

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) $22.50

General Electric (GE) $22.69

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) $11.44

Phillip Morris International (PM) $72.28

Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) $11.45

Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) $3.24

W.P Carey Inc (WPC) $30.85

Walmart (WMT) $6.66

Total dividends received added up to $185.12 definitely and increase from the previous year January 2015 when i received $82.42.

I am glad to see my dividend income more than double year over year and it encourages me to consistently invest in great companies.

That is the start of this years income and i am sure there will be better months ahead, How was your January income? Did you add to any companies?

Feel free to share or comment below.

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4 thoughts on “January 2016 Dividend Income”

  1. Great year over year growth in your dividend income and nice to see real quality companies paying you rather than high yield unicorns that may cut dividends. Also, great buys you made last month. Take advantage of any dip in price to add names at better prices values and yields. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to your next update.

    1. Divhut,

      I have been guilty of chasing unicorns specially in the energy sector, lessons learned i will stick with quality names going forward in order to avoid being burned again by the dividend cuts.
      thanks for stopping by.

  2. Congrats on the dividend income! It is a giant leap from last year. This just shows that you are doing the right things and are headed in the right direction.
    Financial stocks have really taken a hit so far this year. This could be a great time to buy into the industry and TD is sporting a great dividend yield.
    I am a big fan of 3M and it is a good long term buy at current levels.

    1. Money Grower UK,

      It certainly is a leap forward from last year and that is what it’s all about growing the passive income. Most of the canadian banks are now trading at lower prices with concerns of exposure to the energy sector,low interest rates and a struggling canadian dollar. It might take a while for things to stabilize in the meantime i will be glad to collect a growing dividend from Td.
      I agree 3m is a quality company that recently beat earnings , announced a $10 billion buyback and increased the dividend so i will definitely try to buy on any pullbacks.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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