March 2016 Dividend Income

It has been a while since my last post, life gets busy and there is very little free time and we must allocate it efficiently and balance it with work hobbies family and friends.
with that said i plan to keep the blog posts more up to date. Now lets get to the march dividend income that i received from various companies.

AFL = $5.50
BP = $35.96
RDS-B = $23.65
COP = $8.87
CVX = $44.53
XOM = $22.95
UNP = $4.30
JNJ = $25.24
MCD = $24.48
UL = $13.02
EMR =$8.80
F = $24.24
MMM = $2.16
NOV = $10.48
BBL = $12.43
SO = $15.77

So there we have it, a grand total dividend income of $282.38 from 16 different companies. That is equivalent to a 55 % increase from last years march dividend income of $182.26. I know i do not get an increase of 55 % in salary from my regular job, so i am grateful for this growing income stream.
It shows i am on the right track and all that capital that has been put to work is starting to produce returns.
The portfolio is a bit heavy towards the energy sector at this time but it should balance out nicely overtime, as i will not be adding fresh capital to the energy names.
How was your march income? Was it an improvement from the previous year? feel free to share or comment below and thanks for stopping by.

Dividend Force.

January 2016 Dividend Income

January 2016 is over and while the market created some opportunities to buy quality companies at lower prices.
I took advantage and was able to add to my position in Toronto Dominion bank. I purchased 29 shares of TD at $35.58 which allowed me to lower my cost basis.

I also used my automatic sharebuilder purchases to increase my position in Union Pacific (UNP) by $275 and finally added 3m (MMM) to my portfolio another $275.

I realize these are small buys but i plan to average into these names overtime as cash available allows.
Eventually UNP and MMM will be a full position in the portfolio.

So now lets get to the dividend income, for the month of january i received the following;

Altria (MO) $4.01

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) $22.50

General Electric (GE) $22.69

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) $11.44

Phillip Morris International (PM) $72.28

Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) $11.45

Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) $3.24

W.P Carey Inc (WPC) $30.85

Walmart (WMT) $6.66

Total dividends received added up to $185.12 definitely and increase from the previous year January 2015 when i received $82.42.

I am glad to see my dividend income more than double year over year and it encourages me to consistently invest in great companies.

That is the start of this years income and i am sure there will be better months ahead, How was your January income? Did you add to any companies?

Feel free to share or comment below.

Dividend Force